Illustration of The Tulip and skyline of London

The Tulip is a new public cultural and tourist attraction for London, combining both heritage and modernity. Planned to be built next to The Gherkin, it enhances one of the capital’s most cherished icons.


The Tulip is a showcase for London’s world-leading expertise in architecture, culture, education and business. This unique visitor attraction will deliver economic benefits to the City, Greater London and beyond. The Tulip offers a free state-of-the-art education facility for London’s state schoolchildren, and provides a memorable and informative experience for tourists about London’s history and dynamism. The public realm at ground level will be increased and enhanced with green spaces in line with the City’s and the Mayor’s goals for better public spaces.


Planning application for The Tulip was submitted to the City of London Corporation on 13 November 2018 on behalf of the J. Safra Group and the world leading architects, Foster + Partners, owners and architects respectively of The Gherkin. Prior to this submission, members of the consultant team engaged with the appropriate authorities and key stakeholders and will continue to do so during the official planning consultation period. The information contained on this website is designed to highlight key aspects of the proposed development. All details and specifications are subject to the planning review process with the City of London Corporation.

The Tulip

Illustration of The Tulip and City of London

“Continuing the pioneering design of 30 St Mary Axe, the Tulip is in the spirit of London as a progressive, forward-thinking city. It offers significant benefits to Londoners and visitors as a cultural and social landmark with unmatched educational resources for future generations.” Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners

“We are delighted to benefit from the exceptional talent of Foster + Partners in bringing to London this world-class visitor attraction. The Tulip’s elegance and soft strength complements the iconic Gherkin. We are confident in London’s role as a global city and are proud to offer its schoolchildren a state-of-the-art classroom in the sky to appreciate London’s history and dynamism.” Jacob J. Safra

Bird’s Eye Illustration of The Tulip and The Gherkin

A unique public attraction in London’s Square Mile

Combining high-tech with heritage, The Tulip will grow in the heart of the old City of London. It is planned to be built on land next to 20 Bury Street, London, EC3A 5AX, adjacent to 30 St Mary Axe – also known as The Gherkin.

Classroom in the sky

A key feature will be the education facility within the top of The Tulip, offering 20,000 free places per year for London’s state school children aged 5-16. This educational resource, provided by the J. Safra Group, will deliver national curriculum topics using innovative tools to bring to life the city’s history and dynamism, inspiring the creative young minds of tomorrow.

Illustration of The Tulip’s Education Facility

Wonder at London’s panorama

From a height of about 300 metres, visitors will enjoy stunning panoramic views across Greater London. Gondola pod rides will transport you outside in an exhilarating loop around The Tulip’s glass petals. Inside the 12 floors at the top, visitors can stroll across the Sky Bridge and enjoy the thrill of sliding between floors. Curated viewing spaces with interactive material, plus talks from expert guides, will bring the history of London alive.

A range of dining and hospitality options will be offered.

The Tulip will also be an outstanding venue to host cultural, educational, business and technology events. In summary, it will enhance the City’s Culture Mile as a tourist destination, and deliver significant economic and social benefits to London.

Illustration of The Tulip’s Gondola Rides

Extended Exhibition Dates, 2019

Following submission of the planning application to the City of London Corporation in November 2018, a public exhibition was held over three days in December 2018. Due to the significant interest in the proposals for The Tulip and all of the benefits that it would bring, the consultant team would welcome the opportunity to share our plans again with residents and businesses interested in the proposal and any feedback you may have.

The plans will be on display at 20 Bury Street, London, EC3A 5AX on the following dates in January and February 2019.

Friday 18th January12pm-3pm
Saturday 19th January10am-2pm
Friday 8th February12pm-3pm
Saturday 9th February10am-2pm
Friday 22nd February12pm-3pm
Saturday 23rd February10am-2pm
Friday 8th March12pm-3pm
Saturday 9th March10am-2pm

Members of the consultant team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have on the day.

Press Release FEBRUARY 2019

The Tulip estimated to offer economic benefits to London of nearly £1 billion and 600 full time jobs.

Press Release PDF

Press Release JANUARY 2019

Independent poll confirms two thirds of Londoners support The Tulip.

Press Release PDF

Press Release NOVEMBER 2018

On 13 November 2018, a planning application for The Tulip was filed with the City of London on behalf of the J. Safra Group and the world leading architects, Foster + Partners, owners and architects respectively of The Gherkin.

Press Release PDF

Fact Sheet

Please download useful information about The Tulip’s dimensions, design, facilities and sustainability features

Fact Sheet PDF

Public Consultation Enquiries

If you are unable to come along but would like more information, we would be pleased to meet with you and brief you on the proposals at a time of your convenience. Alternatively, you can email the consultant team on or call 0800 433 2622.

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